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If you have a creative streak and you’re smart enough to see it come to life, we are the space to be.  Here we will be listing opportunities for positions at our studio based in Calcutta. You just have to remember what you want!

current openings


A seriously tenacious role that requires creativity and key leadership skills
Full time, Calcutta & Bombay India

A thought before you send us an Email:

As you would have gathered, the work requires proficiency across media and levels of thinking, but that is where the challenge and charm is. As creative thinkers, everyone has their strengths, and not so strong suits. However, we’re a team that aims to balance that with what everyone brings to the table.

about the space at 9/2:

A multi-disciplinary design studio focussing on visual identity design, exhibit & experience design, digital and print design. We are passionate about making something beautiful.


Send in your CV and portfolio to 

Call us on +919831666616 for any questions that you may want to discuss.