A seriously tenacious role that requires creativity and key leadership skills. The individuals in the role come in as designers to create the designs or as design directors on selected projects. They’re actively involved in, and accountable for timeline, people and client management


A. To work alongside the Chief Designer / Director and lead and design alongside the assigned team of associates in conceptualising, designing and executing projects across–

     i. Website Design
     ii. Branding & Visual Identity design and development
    iii. Packaging, print and collateral design
    iv. Exhibition & Experience Design 

B. To take up client-facing roles for the portfolios assigned to you in order to ensure –

     i. Seamless communication of ideas to the respective client and ensure the client is satisfied with what is created
     ii. Clarity in Timelines and Deliverables
    iii. Simplifying the decision-making process for the client: this would imply that the ideas are presented in a convincing and organized fashion
    iv. Accountable and responsible for the success of the project

C. In the case where you will only be leading the project:

      i. Ensure the team is aware of brief and deliverables of the project
      ii. Work alongside the senior strategist to set the design language and narrative for the project
      iii. Mentor and oversee work carried out by other associates and ensure the vision is achieved; present constructive feedback

This is a full-time position and the candidate is required to commence work at our studio in Calcutta or Bombay as soon as possible.
More details about the work can be discussed in the next step of the process.


i. Coming forth with fresh, well-researched and thought-through ideas
ii. Being an active part of each process of the project assigned to you – from strategic thinking and research to design develop ment and execution, time & people management
iii. Share design suggestions on effective marketing, strategy and promotions, to ensure that our work reaches the audience in the most appropriate way
iv. Creating and executing the designs, incorporating feedback and making iterations until the closing of each project
v. Creating sketches for any space/exhibit design project and finding effective ways to implement them
vi. Liaising with vendors and site visits, if required
vii. Having fun and loving what you do/create :)


Full time — preferably at our studio in either Calcutta or Bombay 


Proficiency in designing and editing software’s
Proficiency in animating and 3D design software
Proficient in written and spoken English; should also be able to communicate thoughts in either Hindi or Bengali
Proactive & problem solving attitude, leadership skills, communication skills


Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Design and/or similar level of qualification.
A minimum of 12-18 months of work experience in the field of art, design, visual communication or other related field(s).

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