savoir faire rebranding

brand identity development

Logos and Identities should be what they are i.e. identify what the beholder is and what it is to become. For Savoir Faire, a luxury retail exhibit in Calcutta, the language needed to talk of rooted histories and an evolved future - with a dash of keenness, to get everyone’s attention in a seemingly crowded market.

The logo typeface, Noe Display, is sharp and characteristic; and the colours exemplify India in its Indigo coloured, rooted and luxurious avatar and a dash of neon unusualness. The video below plays out the mood for the brand. Featuring: Calle Luz by the French – cuban jazz outfit Quevola / No Format Records

We believe in creating a consistent and cohesive language that seamlessly ties together Savoir Faire’s brand identity across various horizons. Know more about our approach –