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Makaibari Tea Estate is nestled between Himalayas in the district of Kurseong, Darjeeling. Being the oldest tea factory in the world, it employs a craft-driven methodology coupled with community lead functioning. The website design for makaibari reflects the knowledge, perfection and affection that is put into brewing each cup of Makaibari Tea.

Tea Like No Other

Each Tea from Makaibari Tea Estate has been quality tea, one of the finest tea in the world. Makaibari Tea Estate is able to achieve this through creating a ecosystem where craftsmenship, biodynamism and nature live in harmony with each other and come together to create the unique teas.

In continuation of the same philosophy, the website focuses on every aspect of this ecosystem, with a tinge of playfulness. Header as well as the footer is clean and highlighly functional keeping the navigation between pages as intutive as possible.


The shop page has been designed to emphasize the Teas, their health benfits, Brewing notes, Distinctive process and neutricional information. The E.commmerce website has been designed with multi currency feature to works across India and the US.
Product Details

Products are showcased to emphasize the tea and the color, the Typography of the Product listing is responsive across devises and depicts the necessery categories and sub categories.

Product banners with a focus on Moonlight plucking and other aspects of the Tea , within the shop section.

Product Typography & UI Elements

Subtle and intutive button and Product selection, this also continues onto the checkout journey.  

A unique addition to the Shop is the tea filter basis the tea color & caffeine levels, the visual depiction of the tea color provides ease access to the specifc tea audience might be interested in.

detailed FILTER


An interactive web dictionary to share knowledge of the world of Makaibari. An easter egg placed at letter ‘M’ emphasizing the Moonlight Plucking and the distinctive blue used for Silver Tips Imperial Blend.


Geographical representation of the Ecology and Biodiversity of the estate, with hover over and click based interaction to provide more through information about the flora and fauna at the estate

Subscription section

A curated subscription plans page created for the Website for the Tea connoisseur who prefer to recieve their teas on a regular basis.

 Editorial Subscription Layouts & Design

Creatives for Subscription PLANS

The website also incorporates pages for history of Makaibari, philosophy, process. A caraousal based layout with visual banners and highly legibal typography works best a composition to narrate the uniques aspects of the Makaibari Estate.

A fun Tea Quiz

Tea is integral part of a lot of cultures around the world, at every nuke and corner of the world, one can find a new way of brewing tea. A fun quiz which helps the audience pick a tea of their suiting via a series of 3 questions.

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