the protagonist




Maku Textiles AW 2017


The Space at 9/2


Shaireen Butt, Ciara May Burbridge, Diti Saha, Tanushre

The Protagonist uses the camera as a medium and the theatre as a stage, to capture everyday routine, true emotions and the human anatomy – responses to the camera are reality and not something concocted in front of a screen. It aims to collapse the distance between art and life; life becomes art and art becomes a channel to portray the everyday humdrum of life.

The canvas is distilled down to garments that quietly uphold an uncomplicated sense of androgynous elegance.The lines are inspired by classic silhouettes, creating a harmonious balance between form and material.  Fabrics vary from peppery merinos (put in an Indian context) with weighted and fluid Khadi.