[ T H E  F R I N G E ]
infinite possibilities – ii


Studio Renn

The exhibit is designed as a site for deep and authentic integration — A living, embodied site where precious wearable forms, art (movement, music) and processful thought, can meet and manifest the world of Renn.

art + exhibition

16 – 19th january, 2020 | the stands, mumbai

Open 11 am - 7 pm

event conceptualization and installation by the space at 9/2 


A fringe - A transitional space, a space where conflicting ideas, or things are in coexistence; a watch tower, like the outskirts of a city, where visible fragmented structures provide a break in the regularity. Also, a beautifully strange surrounding.


[about studio renn]

Studio Renn makes fine jewelry; much like the artistic inspirations and journeys that compels them to express and create.

Founded by Rahul Jhaveri, each piece designed at Studio Renn has its own narrative and is crafted for the connoisseur who appreciates the fine balance between form and function and is interested in the practical magic of how seemingly disparate parts become a whole.

– exhibit components –

space design

As a space that one is encompassed by; and metaphorically as a multi verse of avant garde ideas.

[The exhibit is a site for contemplation]

A constant effort to see the practical magic of how seemingly disparate parts become a whole. This philosophical approach mimics the idea of progressing from light to dark; dark to darkness; presumptive to provocative; mundane order to beautiful randomness;

visual identity design

Designed to allow an expedition of sorts into the minds of the creators and visitors themselves

A way to marry the conceptual, seeds of ideas with the physical. 

We are passionate about making something beautiful.
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