the alternate state


Divya Sheth

art + exhibition

23rd – 24th April, 2016 | Swabhumi, Calcutta | 11 am - 7 pm

event conceptualizing & installation by anahita kayan
media design by hey ho co.

The Alternate State. In Search of The Otherness.
Wearable art by Divya Sheth.

The irregularity of handmade artisanal clothing is a metaphor for the playful yet elegant spirit, where geometry, history, nature and fantasy intersect and overlap, but which only truly reveal themselves to the observer rather than just the onlooker. The event is an initiative to allow the individual to discover the beauty of lost indian craftsmanship and hence begin their journey to The Otherness: a state of being one with art and individuality

“Let’s take a dive into the unknown, break glass ceilings and begin new beginnings; jump into the depths to be one with one.”