photography by avantika saraogi

Chromaticity And The Dancing Body

jewelry by neha shrestha

Tribling by Devrai Art Village

Preface: When two equal, parallel energies are applied
to a plane, it generates motion.

Imagine: An incorporeal force, driving anatomy and alloy to create movement.
Believe: Two opposing materials and energies are combining to create possibilities.
“In the final analysis, photography was able to reveal the fascinating immobility at the heart of motion.”           
– Francoise Le Coz
The Chromaticity And The Dancing Body series captures in 1/125th of a second the trajectories of movement within a single frame
“Wear your jewelry, as you wear your nose, your eyes, your soul…”
Tribling is a collection of exclusive hand-crafted wearable art in a collaborative effort between Neha Shrestha and Devrai Art Village, a tribal art N.G.O. who work with adivasi craftsmen using the Dhokra Art technique. With a distinctly raw appeal, Tribling draws inspiration from indigenous art and nature. Raw natural forms come together to create this collection, whether it is in the frozen fluidity of the molten metal or the texture and twist of seasoned bark.


art + exhibition

8th – 10th may, 2015 | 9/2 hungerford street

Open 11 am - 7 pm

event conceptualization and installations by anahita kayan

event gallery

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