Concept & Communication Strategy for the Brand
Styling & Art Direction
Photography and Videography

Nestled in the Himalayas, Makaibari Tea is a biodynamically grown, organic darjeeling tea. It is the first tea factory to be set up in 1859, where tea is grown and harvested using a spiritual and cosmic calendar. Makaibari is about growing and harvesting forest-nurtured teas without the constraints of yields — very much as nature would have it. It is as they would say: an ecosystem within itself.

The communication strategy for the brand follows a dream-like language, which resonates with the legacy and heritage of the brand. We focus on highlighting the eco-sustainable biodynamic practices of the estate that are so well rooted in the ethos of the brand. We bring out the mysticism of the estate with gradients and illustration explorations on our designs.

The H1 typeface for Makaibari  is Saol Display to establish the mysticism through the font’s eccentricity and charm. The typography chosen for Makaibari adds an edge that resonates with the legacy of the brand as iconic as this.  The gradients for the visual identity were used to enhance and highlight the surrealism of this iconic tea brand.

— Makaibari Photoshoot —

Photographer & Videographer

The Space At 9 by 2

Styling & Art Direction

The Space At 9 by 2

Photography for Makaibari Tea began with simple product and pack shots for all tea treasures, apoorva range and the tin caddy set -  focusing on the packaging, tea leaves and the color of the brewed tea. Natural, aesthetic backgrounds were chosen, along with varied styles of cups and crockery which helps add edge to the shots and content for the shoot.

The shoot progressed on to a stylised version and theme of  ‘Travelling through the day with Makaibari Tea’ , aiming to sell a story along with the tea. The messaging goes - For some, tea is a stress buster. Hectic days at work require an afternoon/evening tea. From people working desk jobs to people on the move, tea brings some sense of relief and happiness. A break from the hectic schedules or beginning phase 2 of their day.

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