the gallery

– The Space At Chowringhee –

A multi-disciplinary gallery started with the intention of showcasing talents –
across all creative fields, experiential retail and experiences.
It is a 2000 sq ft space located in Chowringhee – the historically charming area of Calcutta.
While the intent is not be a formal, white cube, the space is adaptable for you to tell your story.

I. Comprehensive Program

The Space At 9/2 will charge a creative fee. Cost of production, materials and marketing is to be borne by the exhibitor.
– Conceptualised exhibit and engagements (production cost is to be borne by the exhibitor)
– We will design the curatorial premise and experiences for the exhibit.
– Outreach through social media, direct mailers and messages
(Costs to be borne by the exhibitor, as per actuals. We can not guarantee footfalls)

II. Rental Only