Isha pimpalkhare
Jit 'Jitch' Chowdhury
Aparupa Ghosh
Shristie Bhudhia
Neha G
Anahita Kayan
Anastasia Damani
Avril Damani
Jija Dutt
Radhika Choudhury
Adisha Jain
Rahul Johnson

art + exhibition

1st February, 2015 | 54 Chowringhee | 11 am - 7 pm

event conceptualization and installation by anahita kayan

media design by Anastasia Damani

Preface —
“Art is not about another beautiful painting that matches your dining room floor. Art has to be disturbing, art has to ask a question, art has to predict the future”
- Marina Abramovich

12 Artists // 6 Murals + Installations // 1 Event
Guerrilla, you say?
It’s a method to express your creativity, vision and
ideology in public places. The art is supposed to have a deeper meaning, encouraging the viewer to look and judge beyond face value.
The intention behind this project is to initiate a
creative thinking process and encourage people to
appreciate alternative mediums and methods of art.

event gallery