digital strategy white paper

A White Paper, authored by The Space At 9/2, discussing the digital strategy for Flourish based on the state of the Costume Jewellery Industry in India and across the globe in 2021.

In the business of redefining luxury for the Indian audience — Flourish started its journey in 2021 as a brand that makes opulent jewellery feel accessible, relatable, and human. At Flourish, while they value heritage jewels and heirlooms, they realise they need to move towards providing jewels that one shouldn’t be afraid of wearing or travelling with.

A White Paper, typically written in an Academic style, highlights the features of a solution to a given problem statement. How it differs from a general collaborative project is the inclusion of thorough research and analysis used in arriving at the solution, in the White Paper.

Our process of writing White Papers involves secondary and primary research, Case Studies, Observational Analysis and more, subject to the client’s problem statement.

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