Elemental Shift by Devina Salarpuria

comissioned by

Studio Moda India

art + exhibition

2nd April - 11th April, 2021 | Kolkata Centre for Creativity | 11 am - 7 pm

Ngo Partner

Kadam Haat

Venue Partner

Kolkata Centre for creativity

exhibit design & visual identity by the space at 9/2

about the exhibit

Elemental Shift uses the craft of sheetal patti to explore innovation and experimentation in fashion materiality. Each piece is intentionally unwearable; and is created to begin the conversation of how fashion can be a system for change.

Studio Moda India’s intention is
to look at playing with new processes — and for its April 2021 exposition, the highlight is on Sheetal Patti.

A desire to visualise the outcomes and materiality of ‘tomorrow’. Pushing our individual boundaries, we desire to ask these questions in a greater presence and make more people a part of our process while collaborating and innovating.

our process for the exhibit

pillars of fashion

The Space At 9/2’s main intent was to look at fashion beyond a tangible product and
portray it as a system consisting of the intention of creating, geography, stakeholders,
innovation, materiality and the system itself— envisioned as six pillars in the gallery space.

immersive sound design


a layered approach

A statement by Ellen MacArthur Foundation significantly provides context to why we developed the concept of looking at fashion as a system while also questioning the future of fashion —

“The system operates in an almost completely linear way: large amounts of non-renewable resources are extracted to produce clothes that after which the materials are mostly sent to landfill or incinerated.”

Devina’s work and our exhibit design and positioning came together to communicate the larger message of looking at fashion beyond its end product and vain-fuelled projection but rather as a medium that can impact — our physical existence and emotional beings.

a tactile photo series

Documenting the works to be used as a part of our communication strategy 

visual identity design

A custom grid system with justified text. This system was then juxtaposed with patterns and graphic elements inspired by and derived from the Elemental Shift Sheetal Patti Collection.