Duet LuxurY WEBsiTE

Website Design & content development 

Website development by Cart Geek

Duet Luxury makes avant-garde fashion accessories by bringing together material explorations and surface textures. Although the product lines are primarily inspired from nature, the outcomes standout in their unusual juxtapositions.

The website design for Duet Luxury was kept simple, giving the products that Duet Luxury makes, the centre stage on the website. With its standout visuals and a striking brand identity, the website flow was kept simple and intuitive for people who come to shop on the website, not only from India but from other parts of the world.

The identity of the line and dot has been extensively carried forward on the website and using these identity elements, we could create custom icons for different aspects of the website like “Add to Cart” , Hamburger Menu and more.

For the header menu, we made a master menu for the customers to see the range of product categories that people can shop from. These were also given context with images next to the product categories.

For collection pages, we made the layout very image heavy. The idea was to make sure people who stock Duet Luxury products get the opportunity to the collection and the style that it carries.

The frame from the visual identity, was used to highlight certain features on the website. It has been used to mark the bestsellers on the website. It is also an integral part of the footer of the website to mark the subscription area of the footer.

The brands’ sage green has been in key component — the CTA’s across the website and in the checkout journey to highlight the cart and the order summary as well.

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