Devina Juneja Website

Website Design & Content

Website development by Ancil Tech

Devina Juneja re-imagines leather through playful surface textures on clothing, bags and accessories. The design & content for the website is created with the intent to capture the edgy personality of the brand.

Keeping the uniqueness of her brand-personality, the website was approached with the idea of chic playfulness — taking forward the idea of a leather-scape — an imagined visualisation of leather surface or a leather landscape — that was developed by The Space At 9/2 alongside the designs for her e-commerce website.

Devina’s primary (and only) brief was for her product to take center stage and to allow the user to easily buy into the brands’ offerings.

For this we devised a seamless checkout journey, reducing the number of steps a user has to take to complete a purchase; and a variable layout of the shop page, which was set within a 2 column structure. This made it visually appealing and was merchandised to showcase the variety of her offerings.

The styleguide is clean, sharp and inviting. Neutral colours with a bright stark orange.

The Easter egg on the homepage i.e the transition to a bright orange background on the click of a dot is done to bring in the element of surprise.

The About section is a virtual tour of her workshop where we describe her processes and how she creates surface play using #leather, rather than describing her style or her designs — unusual interpretations call for differentiated story telling.

We believe in creating a consistent and cohesive language that seamlessly ties together Devina Juneja’s brand identity across various horizons.
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