bobo CALcuTTA

Lookbook design 

Bobo is an artist who translates a world of sensuous beings into printed and embroidered textiles. Though extravagant they carry a charisma that is easily worn by the wearer's personality.

Bobo’s expressions of acrylic on canvas are brought to life as wearable art in this collection. The vibrancy of the collection needed to be brought out on the lookbook as well.
The classic embroideries, created from paintings made by Bobo, needed to be highlighted on the lookbook. Since the collection is called Aakar Khata which means a drawing book, we created collages using certain pictures. These collages were created with “The Temple of Flora” paintings by ROBERT JOHN THORNTON. The paintings use botanical art in unusual settings, reflecting the collection’s mood accurately.

The typeface chosen for the lookbook is “Agentur” The geometric terminals and calligraphic nature of the typeface worked well with the collection inspiration of the artists drawing book. 

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